What do men really think about sex

We asked three men with different life experience extremely honestly tell us what they really think about sex. Get ready for revelations.

lonely man

“I appreciate the quantity more, not quality or proximity,” – George, 41 years old, is not married

“What am I thinking about sex? It would be nice if I had more. Although I’m doing so well. Perhaps better than most men, if it is better to understand the number. However, if you think, on average I get one partner per year. I do not know how to shoot women at all – and I don’t even try.

But I go a lot at work, accordingly, I meet many women, and according to the law of large numbers it would be strange if I had not been in bed at least some of them. Once I spent two nights in a row with different women in different cities – I had such a “summer of love”. Well, rather, “weekend of love”.

I do not regret anything, no matter how empty all these ties are. Of course, there was bad sex, and a lot of average. But I still appreciate the quantity more, not quality or proximity.

Recently, I began to lean towards monogamous relations that last a year or two, and then come to naught. Or because they begin to strain me, or because she wants something more serious, and I stole on the output.

Sorry, of course, that I miss sex on the side. But when I am connected by relations, I am burdened by the impossibility of other connections. And when we part, I don’t want anything anymore.

In marriage, sex either becomes one of the attributes of home comfort – like a warm heating pad, or turns into a duty

For some reason, it is the possibility of choosing that is precisely the possibility of me-although this seems nonsense. Maybe it’s about porn? It is now everywhere, sometimes it seems that it is easier to go to a porn site than to climb on a dating site or go to look for someone.

Sometimes I think – but how is it there, on the other side? Most of my friends are on long -term relationships, have families, happy. But whether the sexual spark remained in their marriage unions?

I don’t know this, because I don’t ask, but they don’t tell. I suppose that most does not succeed, and sex becomes either one of the attributes of home comfort – like a warm heating pad, or turns into an obligation.

I remember one girl, which, probably, should I marry. But then I was too immature, although I was already at 30 to want marriage. In theory, I have to regret it, because she was wonderful, but for some reason I do not regret. I wanted to see the world, not to be attached to the family, I wanted sex without obligation.

Do I have to pay for it? I am already slightly over 40, and I feel that now I’m unlikely to find relations for life, create an ordinary family with my wife and children. It’s not that I can’t.

I am just afraid that I am becoming a selfish, inveterate bachelor and it will be too difficult for me to change my lifestyle and be next to another person, make marriage happy ”.

Young father

“Sometimes I am so exhausted that sex comes out sluggish and predictable”, – Alexander, 43 years old, married, two children, six and three years old

“When children appear, everything changes. It sounds trite, but this is a fact. We knew that the appearance of children would be the most terrible event and will turn our life over. And they were ready for this. But the changes in sexual life crept unnoticed.

It all started with banal fatigue, we were so exhausted by caring for a child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which was simply not up to sex. We rarely engaged in it and somehow sluggish.

So a year or two passed, and it became clear that we could not simply push this story to the far corner – relations began to deteriorate. I wanted a noisy, passionate, playful sex https://www.dolphin-academy.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-file/?how-non-gamstop-casinos-influence-food-and-beverage-trends_1.html that we had before the birth of children ..

Yes, I do not have enough long, slow preludes, I remember how great it was to make love, not taking care that someone else could be at home … I miss sex in the morning. Recently, our eldest child wandered into the bedroom when we were busy with business … After that, we forgot about each other for a long time.

And once, when my wife once again refused me, I thought: maybe I just stopped being interesting to her? Maybe she has someone else? And every night she falls asleep, because she was tired, clinging to someone from her colleagues? And I am doomed to satisfy the rest of life with porn? Or we have long been “it is the most” – marriage without sex?

But then I found out that all family friends have about the same. Whether I like it or not, but we can no longer be just a couple who has sex. We talked with our wife about this. I will say more, I accused her of not thinking about sex, does not try and does nothing at all.

And recently she objected to me that all her friends-moms are amazed, that we have once a week, like, where we take strength and time. At the end of such conversations, we usually come to the conclusion that in our plans for the future there is a item “more often have sex”, after which we are peacefully falling asleep.

Do I regret changes in my life? Sometimes I miss the sex that was before, but I also miss my carefree bachelor life! This happens, but extremely rare. The life that I live now, I will not exchange for anything in the world “.

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